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A few odds and ends that are here as well:

2011 Canyonlands trip HDR and Panorama HDR pics with Zoomify

2011 Badlands trip HDR and Panorama pics with Zoomify

2010 Moab trip pics

Hi-rez hummingbid pics

2002 Capital Reef pics

2002 Bryce Canyon pics

2008 Kenosha Pass aspen pics

2008 Yellowstone Bechler Area backcountry pack trip

Charles Dekar's Bechler pics

Hummingbird pics

Pics from trip to four corners

A few pics from Yellowstone

Pics from Glacier National Park

A magnificent mule deer buck in rut near the house

Just a page with links to my new gallery that I hope will help google pick up my images...

One of these days I'll get around to making a better looking home page...